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Geralt and the godlings
Hey, I just finished the main story on Witcher 3, and I really liked the game a lot more than I thought I would. Especially Geralt's attitude towards all the bs he has to endure in this fantasy world. But to be honest, I just adored how nice he could be to some creatures (like the trolls and godlings), and also to the few humans he liked <3
So this is a quick doodle of geralt playing with the godlings. I'd love to make a more detailed piece later on, but right now I'm a bit swamped with making comic pages for the next SPEJS chapter, so maybe in a month or 2?! :D
Bamfy-bamf boy!
Finally got around to watch X-men: Apocalypse today, and of course I got excited about Nightcrawler being in it. He was such a cute little awkward blue demon dude <3 So I decided to make a quick Nightcrawler fan art, loosely based on the movie design :3
Got tagged by the awesome :iconlunajms: to answer 10 questions, so why not?

The Rules:
must post the rules
got to share 10 things about you
got to answer 10 questions from the tagger
choose 10 people to tag and give them 10 questions
no tag backs

1: What is your favorite kind of music? 
Metal. Power metal, to be more exact. Can't get enough of crazy guitar shredding solos and male falsetto voices singing about dragons, unicorns and whatnot ;)

2: If you could have a fantasy creature for a pet, what would it be?
...and of course, the only fantasy creatures I can think of right now are dragons and unicorns XD Dragons are pretty damn badass, I'll have one of those!

3: What character in fiction (your own or someone else's) do you relate most to? 
This was quite a tricky one...I'm almost tempted to say Ami Mizuno (Sailor Moon) because of her shyness, but I'm very often sympathizing with underdog characters, like Linguini (Ratatoulle) and Orko (He-man...and yeah, I know he's annoying as hell! Not as horrible as Snarf though XD), and I also like the scatterbrained-ness of Mordin Solus (Mass Effect) that I somewhat can relate to...and sometimes a little sassyness a' la Rarity (MLP:FiM) ;)

4: When the zombie apocalypse occurs, what do you grab first? 
Probably my bf (given he's not infected) and get the hell out of there!

5: Batman or The Joker? Why? 
Batman, 'cuz I'm thinking the old sixties Batman TV-show and how silly and kickass Batman and Robin are in that ;) besides, the Joker is scary as hell, I can't support that!

6: If you were offered a glimpse ten years into your future, would you look?
Gnh, nope! Too scared!

7: What's your dream? (stolen XD But good one ^^) 
Work 50-50 with gfx and programming, or working like 20-80, 40-60 with art/comics-programming. Also, having some kind of art studio space...

8: Do you believe in aliens? (If you don't want to answer, write something creative! 83) 
I don't think we're alone in the universe. We can't be!

9: What would be your three wishes from a genie? 
1. Rid me of the illnesses I have
2. Make the 6 hour workday happen
3. Give me a house I don't have to pay loans for somewhere near Stockholm

10: Where in the world would you most want to live? 
I'm pretty content with Sweden, I'd love to live nearer nature or the sea though :)

I'm a law-breaking DA citizen and won't tag anyone or give you questions though XP I bet everyone's allready done this one anyways ;)

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